Keeping your teeth young
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Keeping your teeth young

As we get older suddenly we realised many things we didn't appreciate about being young - being fit, having smooth skin and having all your own teeth. As our loose teeth (and bridges) struggle to deal with chewier food we start eating bland mush and, there is no easy way to say this, OLD PEOPLE FOOD. I'm determined not to let that happen to me and I'm doing everything I can to keep my own teeth as long as possible, and when that's not possible to get the best possible teeth replacement. If you are like me and want to keep on eating whatever you want, I think you'll like my site. It's all about dental health and teeth replacement & maintenance.

Keeping your teeth young

  • Get a Perfect Smile with Invisalign: The Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

    8 February 2024

    Have you always dreamt of having straighter teeth but dreaded the thought of wearing traditional metal braces? If so, Invisalign may be the perfect solution for you. Invisalign is a modern and discreet alternative to traditional braces that can help you achieve a beautiful smile without the discomfort and self-consciousness associated with metal brackets and wires. Benefits of Invisalign Treatment Aesthetics These clear aligners are custom-made to fit snugly over your teeth, making them hardly noticeable.

  • Same-Day Crowns: How They Can Benefit You

    5 December 2023

    People often dread going to the dentist for a variety of reasons, particularly when it involves a crown. The traditional process of getting a crown can require multiple visits, temporary crowns, and a lot of uncomfortable poking and prodding. But now, with same-day crowns, the process is quicker, more efficient and more comfortable for patients. This blog post will explore the benefits of same-day crowns and why they might be the best option for dental patients.

  • Navigating Dental Emergencies: Handling Chipped Or Cracked Teeth

    6 October 2023

    Accidents occur, and dental emergencies are no different. A tooth can become chipped or cracked unexpectedly, leading to significant discomfort and pain. A dental emergency can be especially unnerving if you are not aware of what to do. Here is what you should do if you chip or crack your tooth.  1) Rinse your mouth with warm water:  After a tooth is cracked or chipped, it is essential to take immediate action to prevent further damage or infection.

  • Addressing Dental Anxiety: Strategies and Approaches Used by Modern Dentists

    20 July 2023

    Dental anxiety affects a significant number of individuals, creating barriers to necessary dental care and potentially leading to deteriorating oral health. Recognising this, many contemporary dentists have dedicated time and resources to develop and implement strategies to alleviate this distress. Here are some key points regarding dental anxiety which aim to shed light on some of these approaches and illustrate the changes in the dental industry designed to promote patient comfort and minimise fear.

  • Four Ways Your Dentist Can Help With A Tooth Extraction

    17 May 2023

    If you've been told you need a tooth extraction, it's normal to feel a bit apprehensive. But before you start worrying about the procedure, remember that your dentist is there to guide and support you every step of the way. Here's how your dentist can help ensure a smooth and comfortable tooth extraction.  1. Your Dentist Can Use Local Anaesthetic Tooth extractions, which are a routine part of general dentistry, are usually performed under local anaesthetic to completely numb the area around the tooth.